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2022 Relaunch - Feature Suggestions / Forum Suggestions, etc. are welcome.


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Hello TWO-ers / Deadicated Fans! 

We're currently in the midst of a relaunch for 2022. The heavy lifting portion is done where we can do a bit of a soft-launch while I continue to clean-up things in the back-end.

Changes So Far:

  • Forum Software - There has been quite an overhaul on the forums, as we're using a completely different software than in the past. I was able to retain post data, avatars, etc. So the transition should be pretty clear for most.
  • Forum Restructure - Re-structured many of the forums, merged some, broke out others (sports for instance). This is in an attempt to break out discussions of popular topics.
  • New Reactions / Like buttons, with more to come. 
  • New Dark Mode & Light Mode (can change in the footer)
  • New Ranks - Currently these are very generic, but I will be overhauling them in the coming months.
  • Mail Quota - There's a limit on messages. If you're over the limit, you should see a message and, and may need to clear some out before sending or receiving messages
  • Fluid View - There's a button now where you can view topics from all the forums of your choosing. You can switch back to standard table view at any time via the toggle
    • image.png.2ae2b30d4fdb55fb897cfeeb6ac9a18e.png

My Vision / Plans:

  • Evolve to the next stage of cult fandom with Clubs - As part of the growth of TWO / Deadicated Fans, I would like to encourage members to create clubs on topics they're passionate about. I will be featuring the most popular / active clubs, and if some have very high activity, they may be adopted / transferred into the main forums.
    • Club Creators / Owners can appoint their own moderating teams, create new sub-forums, etc. as they see fit.
  • Classifieds - The current classifieds forum still exists for those who participated. But if there's enough demand, I will roll out a more official means of buying & selling.
  • Subscription Plans / Supporters - There will be a subscription plan for those who choose to support the site costs. This will give access to the VIP Champaign Room, and other to-be-announced perks. All previous VIPs should have access to the VIP Champaign room while I get a VIP plan in place.
  • Opening up new Staff Roles - Plans for this are TBD, but depending on who returns, we may need some new staffers / moderators.
  • WWE Fantasy / League - The league is outside my scope of time, but I know how popular it was in years past. If there is demand for it, and somebody willing to take ownership of it, please reach out and I'd like to figure out the best approach to kick it back off.

Feature / Forum Suggestions:

  • Please drop any suggestions / requests in this thread. You can also reach out to me via DM if you would like to keep it private

There may be some restructuring & moving content around in the coming months, but everything should be at a point where participation can begin again.

Thank you, and I really look forward to this relaunch!

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